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Carb questions
« on: January 28, 2018, 03:32:36 pm »
Hey fellas. I'm new here, first time on any forum for that matter so I apologize in advance if these questions have been beaten to death already. I did search the forum and read ton of useful information but I'm still not 100% and would like some feedback.

So the questions I have are primarily tuning and jetting. I have an 85 lt250r the whole machine has been rebuilt. The engine has been completely rebuilt top and bottom with SGP bearings and seals, bored .020 over with wiseco prolite piston, boyeson reeds, fmf fatty torque with powercore silencer, B8EGV plug.

The TM32 carb was rebuilt by a local shop. It originally had a 190 main and 45 pilot. Float height and idle screw set to spec according to shop. It started up after a few kicks and idled great. The 32:1 MC1 smoked like crazy. I did a few heat cycles and re torqued head, unfortunately I noticed a bit of coolant outside the jug before re torque. I wanted to dial it in more before doing a break in run. The temp was around 48F and i started with the air screw. The motor died before seating the screw CW, ok. When backing the screw out to find my mid point I noticed I could turn CCW until it came unthreaded, the whole time the rpms continued to climb. So basically I think I need to go up one size in the pilot since the rpms didn't drop when adjusting the air screw CCW. Is this true? Fmf also suggests a 220 main. So at this point I'm going to pull the carb verify the float setting myself, throw a 220 main and a 47.5 pilot in amd start over. Any suggestions?

As far as the head gasket goes, is it normal for some seepage before re torquing? I did 3 cycles before remembering to do it... After torquing it didn't leak but I fear it will develope a leak now (already ordered SGP head gasket). That pretty much sums it up. I appreciate you guys sticking with me and reading my post.

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