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Selling Items Rules
« on: December 21, 2012, 03:03:35 pm »
The community at Suzuki Quadracer HQ offers a unique opportunity to buy and sell things from people in the community whom are familiar with one another, through contributions to the boards.

You must have at least 15 post
s on Suzuki Quadracer HQ  and you must be an active community member for a minimum of 30 days in order to start a new thread in the Suzuki Quadracer HQ classifieds.  Creating an account just to sell parts, etc is strictly forbidden. 

Please do not try to sell an item as a reply to a post. This will be immediately removed.

Multiple production of one item may not be continuously advertised. These boards use excludes any legal business, unless those businesses are specifically Suzuki Quadracer HQ vendors. www.suzukiquadracer.com assumes no responsibility for items bought, sold or traded.

Transactions are between private individuals and normal caution should be exercised. Using Pay Pal is the safest way to protect yourself.

Please do not post items for sale in multiple forums. Keep items in their proper forum. This helps keep things organized.

Feel free to “bump” your ad if it falls off the first page. We try to prune ads after six months. That means a post will be deleted six months after the date of the last reply (if any) or the original posting date. If you no longer want the ad to run please notify the moderators by the procedure outlined below.

Thank You!

The www.Suzukiquadracer.com moderators and administrations.

Be Aware of Legal Issues!
We have worked with various agencies upon request to help prosecute scammers, con-artists, or illegal sales and shipping. We rule a tight ship, here, and if asked by authorities for help keeping the laws of our land, we will assist them as much as we can.
Legal Use of Forums
We reserve the right to ban any account based on any alleged illegal activities.
Know the Law
We try to keep up on the laws but it is impractical for us to know them all. We encourage people to let us know of potential illegal activities.
Lawful Sales Only
We encourage the only the lawful sale of products. It is the responsibility of the both the seller and buyer to ensure they are not violating any laws or barter laws. Every county and state have their own set of laws. It is your responsibility to ensure you are conducting legal activities.
Posting Ads
Ads must be posted in relevant area. Boats in the boats area, general in the general. Simple.
Links to E Bay ads
Links to E Bay ads are OK, but they must have a "Buy me" price. We are not an auction site. All items must have a clear price.
Allowed information in an Advertisement
All Ads must represent a specific product. No "lots of this" or "lots of that" allowed.
Self Representation
You may post advertisements for yourself, or a close family member, friend, or neighbor for whom membership with Suzuki Quadracer HQ is permitted. The important thing is to remember that you are the only point of contact on all sales. It is not allowed to post someone else's contact info or phone number.
We do not recommend posting an e-mail address in your actual ad This prevents spammers from finding your address and spamming you. Bots surf the web just looking for e mail addresses. Don't let them find yours!
You can also setup your Personal Messages to send you an E-mail *automatic) alert that you have a personal message, so you don't have to visit the site as much when you are awaiting a reply.
We highly recommend that for the purpose of the buyer, you name a City and State in which you are located.
Banned Accounts
Once your account is banned for good or a short probation for whatever reason by complaints, violations of our rules, or any other site bans. You are not allowed to re-register in any way, format, or under any circumstances.
Any attempt to bypass or circumvent this system by registering under the alias, name of a friend, family member, or any other form will cause the account to be terminated
We also reserve the right to prosecute for fraud and lost wages for the time it takes to deal with the problems you created and legal expenses. It is now a crime to misrepresent yourself on-line.
Anyone who knowingly assists in fraudulently obtaining an account will have be banned and is liable for fraud as well. We reserve the right to prosecute as well for the same reason as stated above.
We reserve the right to ban you without the rule if we deem it in our best interest, or even just easier to deal with.
Know that if that happens, you cannot get money back from Suzuki Quadracer HQ. Your business is with the banned member.
Know that any ad may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

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