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This is a picture of MOST of our Suzukiís of the Yellow/Blue variety. There are a few more, but they are too apart to include in this photo.

2 of the zillaís, and one of the LT250ís belong to my oldest son. The í89 and the í87 LT500ís are both his, and the í88 LT250 on the right with the extended chrome A-arms is his. It was the first ATV he ever rebuilt. He just finished the í89 LT500, and it turned out really nice!

Iím currently rebuilding the LT80 in the picture for my younger son. It has been the quad of the month before in its old state, but it will be even better when itís done. It will be one of the nicest mini ďquad racerĒ looking ATVís ever when Iím finished. Iím freshening up the motor, and it will have some of the best suspension ever on one of these little bikes too. Iíll take more pics when that day comes.

In the background, my two mint í88 Zillas are up on the shelf, and my mint í87 LT250 is underneath.

Not pictured are:

My other í87 LT250 (I actually ride that one, nowhere close to mint. It is not in the picture because my son has cannibalized it a little. He owes me a steering stem, and about a dozen other small parts before it can be ridden). GRRRR!

My í87 LT500. This is also a project bike that is not worthy of this pic. Itís a very low hour bike that I bought years ago without a top end. Iíve got a brand new DR Q top end and hand coned pipe from years and years ago that I never started putting together due to other projects that got in the way.

My ALT50 trail buddy. Simply an oversight not to include it. Itís yellow and blue, super old school and cool. Should have been in the front of the pack!

All of our orange and blue/black Suzukiís. Mulitple QuadSport 230ís, 230E Quadrunners, LT250 4WDís, an LT300E, and an LT50.
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Pic from the rear
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